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July Favourites & Life Updates...

Hello my loves, welcome back to my blog. I don't really know if I feel like a blogger at the moment because I literally never post anything and I am really struggling to find time to create awesome content for you guys and I don't want to put out just random shit that I won't 100% be happy with so there has been nothing, life has just been seriously hectic the last month or so.
I am due back to work this week however I did something a little crazy, I have given in my resignation. I feel like my time with the company has come to an end and it's time to move on in a different direction. This decision has been haunting me for about a month and I have been back and forth to try to resolve the issues with the management team, however I feel like the ship has sailed and there is no longer a place for me or my passion for the way that I work within the company. I've had a little cry and I've deliberated over the decision for a long time but I feel like my anxiety over the whole situation has calmed down since making the decision and I am totally at peace with it.
 I am really lucky because I have found lots of ongoing freelance work that I have taken on so I am actually going to be making more money from home than going to work for 16 hours a week,. 
I have been looking for jobs and I will be going back to work but I just want to be able to give my career more than 10% of my attention which is something I can't commit to right now.
Another amazing thing that I am now allowed to talk about is the fact my baby sister is pregnant with her second child and we are just so over the moon. She already has my 5 year old nephew, Oliver, and is now around 26 weeks with a little girl. I am going to be at the birth which is an absolute dream come true for me, because I have never been on the other side of it and I am so excited to be part of bringing my teensy niece into this world.
Harper turned 4 this month and has finished preschool, she will be starting 'big girl' school in September at our first choice school which we are absolutely delighted about. We are going to take her big school shopping in the next few weeks and she's so excited to pick her shoes and school bag. 
I have mixed emotions about the whole thing, I am just so sad that my little girl is going to actual school, 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, but at the same time I am so excited for her to have so many new experiences and make lots of new friends. 
Hudson is now 8 months old, crawling and climbing every single thing in my house. He is dragging my furniture around the house and destroying anything in his path, which is exhausting because I literally spend all day following him around. He is also now too big for his co-sleeping crib which makes my heart ache, but he literally stands up in it and tries to climb out which is extremely unsafe. So, he will be going into his big cot bed, in his own room, which is just off our room, next week and I will probably cry and feel a bit lost without him, but he's such an easy baby that I don't think he will have any trouble settling into his room. 
So yeah, lots and lots of big changes and new journeys happening in my household this month, it's been a month of mixed emotions but I have lots of favourite things this month that literally have made my summer, let alone my month, so enjoy!

If you weren't expecting this in my monthly faves, what's even the point? I have been absolutely hooked and obsessed with this series of Love Island & I don't care who knows it. I have been tweeting about it for the last 7 weeks and not much else to be honest. I would say this series has been the best yet for the personalities they have had in there. I have gone from hating Chris to loving him after seeing him shed a tear when holding Cash Hughes. I have gone from despising Jonny and Tyla, to literally hating them with every fibre of my being. It has been a rollercoaster of pure emotions, I have laughed, cried and screamed at my telly and now, it's over. I am literally lost without my 9pm Islander fix everyday, and I am wishing the year away for another series.

I suffer with really dry, hard skin on my arms, especially when I fake tan and this moisturiser has literally saved my skin time and time again this summer. Me and my sister go through so much of this stuff it's unbelievable and not only is it a skin saviour it also smells amazing. I really recommend this moisturiser if you suffer with dry skin as it works wonders for me.

This matte lipstick has been my go to nude this month, it's not even just the beaut colour that has me hooked, it's the formulation. I have been through my fair share of matte lipsticks and 90% of them are an absolute bitch to remove because they dry to your lips, this L'Oreal lip paint does not dry up your lips at all and can be removed in one swift wipe. My fave shade and an absolute go to is BABE-IN.

I have had this palette since Christmas, but never really appreciated it in all it's glory until this month. I have been really experimenting with my eye makeup the last few weeks and this palette has been my go to. It has such a good spectrum of colours and they're all matte, it's a really good everyday look palette, equally as easy to create daily looks as it is to create amazing glamourous looks too. Extremely blendable, pigmented and all at a really reasonable price!

My go to hair for a night out at the moment has been brushed out curls and this dry oil mist spray has been a godsend! It takes all the frizz out of the curls and leaves you with beautiful shiny locks! It is completely weightless and has argan oil in it so won't leave your hair feeling heavy.

I am OBSESSED with metallic lipsticks, and this Primark lip kit does not disappoint. It's my first time purchasing anything from the Primark beauty range and I am totally in love with this copper metallic lipstick and lip liner. It lasts ages, it's so pigmented and it doesn't dry out like other leading brands. All these positives and it's only £3, what more could you want?

So, I watched Imogen from Imogenation on Youtube a few weeks ago and she said that this toner has pretty much the same ingredients as MAC fix plus for an eighth of the price, so naturally I had to try it out. It honestly works wonders, go grab yourself a spray bottle & spray on your face after applying your makeup. It does everything a setting spray does, for a tiny fraction of the price. I have used this for 3 nights out now and it has genuinely kept my makeup on alllll night long. Buy it, try it & you won't be disappointed.


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  1. Good luck to Harper for preschool. This really is a big milestone for her and you. I know you’re worried but I’m sure she’s going to have a great time.