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So for some of us our little angels are starting their first days of infant school this week, and it is Harper's first week too. I honestly can't believe we have reached this point and milestone in her life, and a part of me is trying to pretend it isn't happening. I still see my teensy little toddler, who I forget is not a toddler, she's not a preschooler, she's a little girl, an infant, a schoolgirl. 
If you're like me you've already had a little cry, and on those monumental moments that you leave them to go into the big world of full time education for the first few times, you will cry too, I know I will. 

I am writing this to document how I feel about my first born babe going to big school so we can read this back when she's sixteen and laugh at how soppy I am. We can laugh at how I worried that she wouldn't eat the school meals because chicken nuggets are life, love, everything to her. We can laugh about how I worried she wouldn't find friends who adore her, as much as we do.We can laugh at how I worried that she would throw an epic tantrum.

In reality I know she won't have a care in the world and all my worrying will amount to nothing but a few tears shed on the short walk home. I know Harper will thrive, I know Harper will love school because she just loves to learn. She loves to discover, explore and challenge herself. As I read this back I will realise that I never had a single thing to worry about and embracing her next step is the best thing I can do for her, even in the moments when I want to just cradle her in my arms and never let go. 

I know she will add value to her class and bring happiness to everyone she meets. I know she will draw, paint and colour so many pictures of tigers that there won't be enough room on the fridge for them all to be displayed. I know she will jump in the muddiest puddles destroying her clothes. I know she will talk to and play with everyone and anyone.

In 12 years time, when we look back on this, I hope she can say we helped her to achieve everything she wanted. I hope that our choice to move to the city to give her the best education we can provide makes her happy and gives her the education she deserves. I hope that she has made mistakes, learned from them and then made some more. I hope that she has passion and big dreams of becoming whoever and whatever she wants to be.

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  1. Aww Bekks, thats such a beautiful picture of Harper. She has such beautiful eyes like a looking glass. She'll do great in life. Good luck with it!