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Life admin, something that we continuously push back and ignore for ages, until we really have to deal with it. I am a serious pro at forgetting or ignoring that I have to do stuff that's actually super easy to do & not really time consuming at all. Instead, I spend my life focusing on stuff that doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, which is really bloody frustrating.
Today's a little public service reminder to you all to encourage you to book this or check that and live a better life whether that be financially or health wise by doing these little things that will take you 20 minutes tops.

If you were born before or in 1992, like me, you are eligible to have a smear test. Basically anybody over 25 is entitled to a smear test once a year and I feel like I don't even need to explain to you gals how important it is to not put this one off. 

I have literally been hounded by Specsavers to go and have my overdue eye check up for the last 3 months, so I am with you if you've been putting this one off for a while. It's really important for us four eye's fitties to get our eye's checked every 2 years, wearing the wrong prescription whether that be too weak or too strong is really bad for your little peepers. It takes about 15 minutes to go through the whole process of a check up and opticians are open everyday of the week these days, so there's no excuses.

I feel like once we get to 18 years old many of us forget the dentist even exists, but our teeth are so important and I am so guilty of only ever going when I am in agony. Regular check ups every 6-12 months ensure that your pearly whites are perfect and can often prevent problems from occurring. 

Checking your phone tariff is important because who wants to pay empty pennies on a contract that they could be paying much less for. Check your usage and give your network a call, especially if you are using way less than you're entitled to. You could save yourself a pretty penny.

Did you know that you are free to change your energy provider at any time? Yes, it simply doesn't pay to stay with the same energy provider, as odd as that sounds, surely loyalty pays, well it doesn't. Energy providers see long term customers as those who just pay without actually checking their tariff and they're right, many people are paying hundreds more than they should, especially our parents and grandparents. So even if you are living at home, get on compare the market and save yourself up to £500 a year!

I know a few people who make an absolute fortune selling their things on eBay. My fiance used to be the ultimate hoarder, holding onto things 'just incase', whereas I don't get emotionally attached to materialistic items apart from a few teensy baby things that remind me of how little my kids were. I love a clear out, I thrive from it and I have a great tip for mama's who have bin bags full of their kids clothes. I sort them into age size, and sell them on ebay, and by the time I have sold it all, I have enough to buy the kids all new clothes. It means you're not having to find that extra money to buy new clothes AND you're decluttering your life.

Checking your credit score and keeping it up to date is SO important for your present and future financial forecast. Since discovering I had so many errors on my credit report and knowing it wasn't whiter than white, I have started healthily rebuilding my credit rating and creating a brighter financial future for myself. Your credit report has to be immaculate to even be considered for buying your own home amongst many other things, so give yourself ten minutes to check everything is correct and you're doing everything you can to make it as attractive as possible.

Me and Justin are AWFUL with money, I am the ultimate consumer and Justin is the ultimate pushover when it comes to me wasting money on absolute shit. I spend an absolute fortune on clothes for the kids, I worked out I spend about £150 a month on clothes for the kids and I definitely spoil them more than I should. We would really like to take Harper on a holiday before she starts school full time in September, so we sat down this week and worked out our incoming after tax and bills, we quickly realised that we are overspending so much, we worked out we could save £1,000 in 6 weeks if I stop spending just HALF of the disposable income that I waste, so for the first time in 25 years I am saving and it feels SO good. Sitting down and working out your finances relieves so much stress and really gives you a perspective of your spending habits.

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