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Social media has so many pros, it can connect you with people of similar interests, it can form friendships and make you laugh until you cry, but it can also upset you. cause anxiety and be a minefield for drama and even, bullying. 
To really be present on social media, I have learnt first hand, thick skin is a must-have. As my following on social media has grown the more scrutiny I have faced, being attacked about my appearance on a daily basis has become a normality for me.
Attacking my appearance doesn't bother me as much as attacking my character, who I am and what I stand for, which also happens on a daily basis - those usually come in the form of indirect tweets or screenshots from a WhatsApp group.
Something that used to really bother me when I was younger was the thought of not being liked, I needed to prove people wrong about me, and change their opinion, in which some people I convinced and some people I didn't and it was those that I didn't convince that haunted me. I was always thinking how can I change? How can I make these people like me? As I have gotten older, those people don't bother me as much and I have begun to realise that I will never be everybody's cup of tea, in fact, I would go as far to say, I am an acquired taste.  
Social media can be a real mood changer for me, it can cause worry or trigger anxiety, it can cause jealousy and resentment towards people I don't even know, but when I sit back and really think about it, that is SO unhealthy. So every 3-4 months I have a de-clutter on social media, and today's post is all about how to cleanse your social media soul and regain positive vibes from your feeds and platforms.


It sounds absurd that we would continue to follow people who make us feel like shit about ourselves, but we all do it. Whether they intentionally make us feel bad or not, it can be a real dampener on your day when scrolling through your feed. Jealousy, anxiety and drama is not 


Our initial instinct is to just follow straight back when somebody follows us right? Well, this is not always the best option, your feed can become cluttered and hide the positive and uplifting posts that you live for. Only follow people if they add value to what you need from your social media feeds.


If you adore somebody on social media, turn on notifications for their content so you never miss it. Not only are you getting your fix of your fave people to follow you're giving their content your attention and respect by liking and commenting, so yeah all good things, all good things.


It's simple, stop following people who make you question the value and worth of your own lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, a bit of hashtag morning motivation never hurt anyone, but constantly filling your feeds with images and content that don't relate or feel obtainable to your own life creates a really unhealthy and negative existence online. Have those motivational accounts that embody goals that you are working towards or dreams that you want to make come true but start following more people that are relatable to your current lifestyle, that you can engage with.


At the end of the day, it's only social media and there is more to life than worrying about an online presence. Easier said than done? I get it, I am with you, I struggle so much to separate my actual life from my online life and I feel like creating that distance could really help with some anxiety I have had caused by social media. The ways you can distance yourself but remain a total addict is setting one or two evenings a week where at 5pm you don't scroll through social media once, you have a total blackout from social media. Such a small change could make a huge impact on your attitude towards social media and help you to let go a little bit.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, are you in need of a social media detox? Or maybe you have done a social media detox and it changed your outlook? I would love to know what you guys think so you can comment below or come say hello on social media. 


  1. Girl this post is speaking to my soul! I’m finally out of my blogging funk and this post should have arrived on my doorstep this time last week. I turn off all notifications on my phone! It’s helped me endlessly

    1. Ahh Rosie, I am glad you liked this post - I really need a digital detox!

  2. I will definitely be having a purge of people I don't actually engage with or read!


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