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I have been adapting this recipe for a few weeks and I have finally nailed it, so of course I had to share it with you guys! My recipes have always been a popular feature on my blog so I wanted to add another into the mix! I love chicken, I probably eat chicken 5 out of 7 evening meals a week and I love to create new variations and dishes with chicken all the time. 
Today's dish is one that you can make your own depending on your own tastes, which is something I really like about this recipe, I like to add different vegetables to the sticky chicken all the time, my favourite with this dish is spinach and mushroom.

I also want to take this opportunity to yet again thank you all for your continued support and response to my recipes they are by far my most popular content and I am loving all of your messages and tags on Instagram when you try my recipes, so thank you and I hope you enjoy this one just as much. 

(serves four)
650g of diced chicken breast
Low calorie spray oil
Garlic salt
1 beaten medium egg
Plain flour
2 tbsp of honey
Dark soy sauce
Spinach roughly chopped
Mushrooms sliced
Dried egg noodles (2 portions)


1. Take your diced chicken, and dip into your beaten egg, ensuring all chunks are covered. To do this, I usually have a big bowl for beaten egg and a bowl for the plain flour. I take a handful of chicken breasts at a time and dip into beaten egg, then once covered I move into the plain flour and coat the chunks again. 
2. Heat up your hob to a medium heat and spray your wok with low calorie spray. Once sufficiently heated, add your chicken coated in beaten egg and flour to the wok and spray with low calorie cooking spray again. 
3. Consistently turn your chicken to avoid burning on the outside and after about 5 minutes of cooking time, add your garlic salt. Continue to turn the chicken and 5 minutes later drizzle 2 tablespoons of honey over your chicken and again continue to turn the chicken consistently.
4. Whilst your chicken is cooking through follow the instructions to cook your dried egg noodles, which usually include adding them to boiling water for around 8-10 minutes until they are soft.
5. When you are sure the chicken is cooked add your roughly chopped spinach and sliced mushrooms. 
6. Stir in your spinach and mushroom add continue to cook for 5 minutes on a medium heat, then add dark soy sauce and dried egg noodles, depending on your preference in flavour, I personally add quarter of a bottle because I love the taste. 
7. Mix all elements together and cook for a further five minutes ensuring everything is evenly cooked and well mixed.
8. Serve with your choice of side or eat as it is!

I usually buy a bag of stir fry vegetable mix which includes beansprouts, red onions, pepper, cabbage, broccoli and carrot, it all tastes amazing with it and you can really keep adding as many vegetables as you desire - the most we've added is 8 portions & it was so delicious! 
Let me know if you try my recipes and tag me on social media with your pictures of your adaptations! 


  1. Thank you for sharing the recipe! My family also love chicken, can't wait too try this dish.


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