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I AM...

Rebekka - a 24 year old marketing assistant by day & lifestyle blogger when I get the chance. I am the fiance of Justin and the mother to my two little monsters, Harper and Hudson. 
You will usually find me on social media being a nuisance and saying things I probably shouldn't whilst trying to entertain, feed & water two children. 

This blog was established in January 2015, after an 18 month battle with postnatal depression, I decided to start to find a focus and become Rebekka again. I have a lot to say, on pretty much, anything and everything, so if you're looking for variety, i'm your gal.


Twitter, emojis, the Kardashians apart from Rob, all the coffee, all the cheese and people who are not afraid to be who they really are.


Cats, stereotypes, anything with superheroes in and people who judge me before they've met me.


If you want to find me, the best place is social media which can be located at the top of my sidebar, for everything else you can email - arnoldrebekka@yahoo.co.uk


I work with several different affiliate programmes and advertising so I do earn a small commission for some products I recommend on my blog & have under the ADS header. Although I do earn a commission on some products and ads I tailor everything to products I believe are relevant, of personal interest and are things I genuinely want or own. The content written on this blog is accurate to the date it was posted and I will not be held responsible for any content sources, information and links that may not be valid or accurate after the date of the post. As I am aware on posted content there may be mistakes whether that be inaccurate information or wrong links which I endeavour to correct as soon as I am aware of them. Although almost all images used are my own, and I reserve the right to all of them, those I use from external sources I link back to the page taken from, however if you would like your images removed from my blog please email me and I will remove immediately. All content written is my PERSONAL opinion taken full responsibility for by myself, and is not a reflection of or influenced by anybody else. All content is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organisation, company, or individual and although it would never be my intention, this blog will not be held liable for any offence or harm caused to any of the previous. Any content written that includes things sent to me or requested to be written by a company, organisation or individual will be highlighted with *. Guests or followers of this website are held responsible for comments made by themselves and ONLY will the guest/follower be liable for offence or harm caused to others by their comments, this is a friendly and positive place and I reserve the right to remove any comments or replies written if I believe they could harm or offend others.